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Yelagiri Hills is a wonderful and awesome, God-given place for people to come and breathe in the breath of fresh air, perfumed with eucalyptus aroma, filled with nature's greenery and farmer’s land; orchestrated with a variety of birds' cheerful chirps; and delighted with a delicacy of fruits and wild honey.
The Taylor family make it the utmost priority to maintain a Godly atmosphere in their Campus where Gods Spirit is felt, experienced and welcomed. In view of our conviction, the management strives to maintain a clean and beautiful environment. We have laid down certain conditions for our guests for your comfort as well as for other guests, residents, staffs and neighbours.

Please read the Conditions carefully which is also viewable on Reservations page.
It is perfect for families, city-folks to unwind from the hustle and bustle of metro life; free from tensions, over working and a race against time which city-life offers. Yes, it is going back to those days where time seems to stand still.
Like the words of an infamous author, Thomas Hardy, Yelagiri Hills is surely "Far from the Maddening Crowd."
The Taylor family are the original owners of Aura Valley and with great foresight this property has been purchased which is today in its full form of beauty and originality. True to its conception, Aura Valley truly is homely and welcoming to the weary traveler and people who search for peace and rest in natures nest.
Mr. Taylor after working in corporate companies for years, decided to call it quits and head for the mountains and start a retreat for professionals who are completely drained from their regular work and stress and pressures from day to day life, who need a place they can escape to and take rest and get recharged and energized close to nature away from sound and pollution.
The transition was not regretted and the only regret is that it was not started sooner.
The Taylor’s still live there and now calls it home and are ready and waiting to serve you and make sure all comforts are taken care of personally.
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